WARNING: The code hosted here on CodePlex is seriously out-of-date, as the SVN mirror has not been behaving well. Please get the source code from the latest stable branch over on the Launchpad site.

Project Description

IRC.NET is a fully-featured IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client library for the .NET Framework 4.0. It aims to be a complete and accurate implementation of the protocol as described in RFC 2812 (Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol).

Main Site

This site is a mirror host. The primary site for this project is on Launchpad.


Please submit bugs via the Launchpad site.


Complete API documentation is available as part of the latest release of the librayr.

A high-level guide for this library are currently in the works. Until then, your best option for help is to contact the project lead directly over at ##wpf on FreeNode (irc.freenode.net), nick name Noldorin).

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